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Sunday, December 20, 2009


been dreaming lately. bikes mostly.

in the first one, it starts with me juuuust off the back of the lead group on day three of a multi day stage race. i don't know where we were, but safe to say that i was doing a fair deal of suffering trying to latch back on to the group. my success, or lack thereof, of catching the those guys was cut short by the scraping and whirring of the town of truckee's gigantic snow removal equipment eating away at the shoulder high snow bank that boarders our street in front of the house.

the next night would bring a new adventure. i'm traveling with a small group. ryan, tomi, buck.... all good friends, all good strong riders. we're nearing the end of day one of a two day epic. we ride various narrow footpaths and alley ways as we negotiate our way through a small village where our housing for the night awaits. where are we???... hell if i know, but it's neat. really neat. if i ever find this place... i'm moving! trying to explain this place wouldn't do it any justice. it's one of those "you have to see it" kind of places. we ride single track to within' inches of our accommodations for the night. it's a small bungalow style place surrounded by strategically placed shade trees sitting along a tiny creek that meanders through the town. we're glad to see that the fridge is stocked with some ice cold beers and waste no time celebrating the success of day one. i'm not sure how day two went. this dream ends with bikes and gear strewn about the deck and four dirty riders in lounge chairs with beers in our hands and smiles on our faces. much better than last nights suffer fest.

what's all this mean? got me, but i think that maybe i'll go riding today.


Buck said...

Sounds like Jake's parents house. Soup's on. Sorry you couldn't make it Jake.

Larry the Legend said...

I was thinking maybe Bhutan, and I wasn't in the picture cause I was taking it...anyways, I could arrange this if you still want to go...my friend Doug Hamilton from Wanaka, NZ takes tours there every year.