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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I know the skiing die hards will scoff at this post, but the skiing conditions right now are about as much fun as riding a downhill bike on a century ride. People, now's the time when you should be taking advantage of the riding in the foothills with warmer temps and trail conditions that we dream of having all summer long.

For mountain biking, look no further than this website for proper guidance. It will give you plenty of options to keep you busy until the snow gets here for real. I stumbled across this site 9 years ago and it's kept me busy ever since. The Nevada City area is probably my favorite. Ride the Pioneer Trail above Whitecloud campground for the best stuff. Careful with snow levels, it's about 4,500ft on this section of the trail, so you might get skunked. As of this post, things are a go all along the ridge.

Got a hankerin' to get out the road bike? Then you simply must check out the Sacramento bikeway. Don't blow this off as another cluttered bike path full of baby strollers and clueless people in your way. You can actually do a metric century down there with NO CARS for the entire day and I know you think I'm crazy, but people actually DO walk on the left and ride on the right... just like you wish they'd do on the path in Tahoe City. Think of it as single track for your road bike. Try this for maps.

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