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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Dirty Dozen

With Downieville rapidly approaching I figured it may be the ideal time to get to know our two high stakes betting athletes (Ryan and Sako) a little better. For those of you new to the subject at hand, just hop back two posts to get the low-down. Lets fire off a dozen questions at these guys and see how it goes.

1: Who would play you in a movie?
Ryan Fowler: Val Kilmer
Sako Kapano: Al Pacino

2: Who was the last person to make you nervous?
RF: My Doctor
SK: You... with this friggin' blog.

3: What's a talent you wish you had?
RF: X-Ray vision
SK: The ability sing

4: What's your favorite sport (except mountain biking)
RF: Grassy hill biking
SK: Skiing

5: One sport you would never try?
RF: Speed skating....the whole "ice thing" scares me.
SK: Pole Vault

6: Best place on earth?
RF: I kinda live there (Truckee)
SK: Truckee!!

7: Worst place on earth?
RF: India
SK: West Palm Beach

8: Guilty pleasures?
RF: Justin Timberlake music
SK: Beer

9: Favorite food?
RF: Sushi
SK: Greek

10: How many times will your competitor flat during the race?
RF: 2x
SK: 1x 

11: What's your race strategy for this Saturday?
RF: Keep Sako in sight on climb and put lots of pressure on him on downhill to force him onto a mistake.
SK: Common'... I can't tell you that!

12: What would your single best piece of advise be to a newbie racing Downieville?
RF: Four scoops of Stans, two shots of whiskey.
SK: Don't even try to pass me.

Well, there you have it folks. Some insight by some of Downieville's top athletes. Wish them luck... their going to need it.

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